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YachtExport delivers your yacht or a boat in any point of the world

After a successful conclusion of process of purchase and sale, your yacht will be prepared for land transportation to port of sending and delivered to the port of destination including:

  • The additional equipment will be removed and packed in a cabin.
  • Considering weather conditions, engine preservation (it) will be made.
  • The yacht or boat, will be packed into a thermoshrinkable film.
  • Before the transportation beginning, your vessel will be photographed.
  • Yacht support to the sending port, specially equipped an escort cars.
  • Before loading of your yacht on the ship, additional photos for the statement of a way of delivery will be taken.
  • Your vessel will be insured for its delivery by the sea to the port of destination
  • After yacht sending by the sea, we will provide you documents where terms, arrival date, a name of shipping company will be specified.
There are some ways of sea delivery. Considering the sizes of a vessel, the method of its delivery is defined.

Ro-Ro services (Roll on/roll off):
This service is the most common and most recommended way to transport your boat. YachtExport actually tows your boat on a trailer or cradle into the vessel and parks the boat on the lower deck. This is safe, secure and eliminates any potential damage while the vessel is at sea. When the vessel arrives at the port of destination it is easy to tow the boat off the ship and to its final destination.
Note: in a Ro/Ro operation, the cargo moves as one piece on specialized trailer  from port to port and in some cases on flatbed trailers or lowboys from origin to destination. There is less handling because the boat is not lifted on and off the vessel, but driven on, parked and then driven off. There is no danger of water damage because the boat is always secured in the vessel’s garage decks for the entire voyage. In general, the Ro/Ro option is the safest and cheapest way to handle oversize boats.

Water to vessel services Lo/Lo (lift on /lift off):
This service is most suitable for larger boats with access height which cannot be moved over the road to the port. The boat is parked alongside the vessel, lowers lifting slings from the vessel to the water. Through the use of divers, secures the boat using its marked lifting points on the boat to the slings. This allows the crane to lift the boat safely from the water to the vessel. A cradle is positioned on the deck of the vessel waiting for the boat to be lifted onto it. Once lifting is completed, secures the boat to the cradle and to the floor of the vessel with straps and chains.

Enclosed and open containers:
This is the most economical way to ship your boat as long as its size can fit in a container. Most liner vessels around the world today are full container vessels. If your boat fits the dimension of a standard 40’ container (39’5” long x 7’8” wide x 7’8” high) YachtExport will ship it in a container.

Note: These vessels are perfect for cargo that fits neatly into a standard or High Cube 20’ or 40’ containers. However, when shipping an oversize boat, we recommend that the manufacturer or owner will disassemble certain parts from the boat such an engines for smaller boats, arch, upper cockpit, Biminis and hard tops.

Flat rack:
This service is most suitable for oversize boats that can be moved over the road to the port for loading and is most attractive when no RO/RO service is available to the desired shipping destination. YachtExport uses a flat rack and straps to secure your boat to the vessel. The boat is lifted using a forklift or crane onto a cradle on the flat rack. It is secured, blocked and braced to the cradle and the flat rack. We recommend shrink-wrapping the boat to protect it from damage or debris getting into your boat while on route.


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